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The Making of South Beach

Bobby Monroe is the Producer/Director of the film docu-series The Making of South Beach. Formerly known as Bobby Radical. He returned to his hometown of Miami from NYC in where he worked as an art director in various ad agencies. He left the hip and trendy Coral Gables Agency of GS&B Advertising to build a punk rock music venue called the Thrash Can on Alton Road with two close friends. The club barely stayed open longer than the short-lived Club Hell.

So he went back into advertising but after one night at Disco Inferno he thought the nightlife was for him. He hosted his first weekly reggae party called Island Girl at one of the oldest bars on South Beach: Jessie’s Dollhouse.

Within a year he had a double page spread in the coolest weekly rag called Post Mortem by Kim Starke. He hosted five weekly parties which he says almost killed him so he went back to design work. He designed the infamous and original Welcome to Florida t-shirt and produced print invitations for every nightclub on South Beach. His last one nighter was a party called “Karma” at Liquid’s Lounge. He teamed up with Zedek Djah and Mike Amici. Together then produced a public access TV show called Party People/Tycoon TV.

A lower back injury lead Bobby to yoga. Falling in love with yoga he became a yoga teacher at Miami Beach Yoga Studio on Brickel. Two trips to India later his stepfather suffered a stroke so he packed up and moved to Naples, FL to help his mother. While unpacking he remembers putting a suitcase full of negatives into the closet thinking, “When I’m no longer on this planet, will these all end up in the garbage?” He knew then that he needed to document the 90’s on South Beach. It was another world.

A 90-minute film documentary soon turned into a 7-hour mini-series. He has interviewed over 150 people. It has been his hobby for the last five years. These following excerpts from “The Making of South Beach” will give you a glimpse of what is in the film. Bobby is partnering up with a local production company to reshoot some of the footage with the inferior audio. Unfortunately three of the interviewee’s have since passed away; DJ Mark Leventhal, Giorgio Alicea and Tony ‘Bird’ Torrellio R.I.P.